Yes I am Angry - Solutions: Let's change this system (even while serving it)!

Starting in as networks of buyers having a service of ordering what the buyers want and delivering that to their home (or near by) immediately (or sometime after the ordering),

  • #Boycott4OwningEq means Boycott for Equally Owning Some Parts of the Sellers by Signing such Contract.
    • The target is partly owning marketing network + news paper +bank, which together determine what could, or could not, be flowing in the whole market .

And Why? Just because we live in such 21st Century Schizoid Man !

What can you Now do?

  1. Join, Create or Host your group
  2. use such form in your (wikidot) site (jump to exactly howto)
  3. collaborate with us to become a comcomized consulting group for other evolving comcomized groups here, if this appeal to you subscribe here. The group's members are sharing any thing usefull for building common companies (comcoms) around the world and the group is also a place for creating partnership between peer owners in the consulting comcoms which will operate for any other comcom being evolved.

What for?

  • To Become Stronger Individual In Your Group and in Your society!,
  • to be growing to People's Neighborhoods.
  • Creating alternative economy of hardly-manipulatable and competitive bottom up structuring of groups of equal owners, trading their ownership optionally in coin of respects.
  • Forget the old money that is only printed by those who gain from it, and start issuing coins of respect with your peer owners!

This revolution will not be privatized but comcomized, on

This can be developed by starting as a (comcomized) Network for Shopping to reduce costs and to add variety, so that the products are shipped or the buyers have to visit the shops/some -near-home-hubs and it can be made self organized require only professional site and negotiators.

Why Boycotting? Because nowadays the power of each individual is only of the choice of what and if to buy and is never a political one, because politically, the will of each individual is never, and can never be, realized in the current mess-up of the democracies of the masses and hence the 99% should begin in the beneficiaries from the mess-up.
From here we, the 99% being costumers, are turning the boycotting power we still have, for gaining a new power - the power of equal ownership over some part of the sellers!

  • Equal ownership is like equal shareholders, but with 6 restrictions, such as against owning multiple peer positions or changing the agreement establishing the ownership. Peer ownership instead of coopertive, when reaching big scale beyond the one in which trust between individuals could be established, such a case as of the huge heterogeneous society of the 99% being customers.

Exactly How?

  • After each group of people between themselves first sign this peers agreement, the group sends to 3rd some party which has in her/his site this line of code:
[[include :comcomist:register-your-organization-for-becoming-comcomized]]
  • Such form ask for these 4 arguments:
    • A) the "target" (such as network marketing, media network, bank) to boycott,
    • B) the periodical people's spending/holding in the "target" ,
    • C) the people's number and
    • D) the email to their group.
      • Then, after the 3rd party reached some threshold (like 30% of the trading volume of the target is traded by those who signed the agreement), the 3rd party will send to the groups "boycott now" and to another party to negotiate to gain some part (less, something like 20%) of the "target" , otherwise the groups are moving to the the "target"s competitors and the public is to be notified about the action for reducing the "target"'s market value.
  • Join us by hosting, creating or joining your equally owned mailing list. Each list is owned equally by their subscribers, free and secure mailing lists (encrypted and without archive). Anyone can subscribe for creating, hosting or joining a their mailing list service!
    • (buy with what money? The object-coins and the peers-coins. Why should you own? see this.
    • Next step? Own your facebook
    • Developers should become peer owners over their platform for creating lisences with prohibition of torturing and other nsa usages and for not turning such as>::Dice-Holdings.Inc (see the 2012)
  • Work together in NonProft-Network instead of in non profit organization (npo).
  • Gather and publish this and other info in (allowed) info points and call for registering to your organization. Printing events in the Info points spread in the city, as the events are load via internet, but without login, and hence using both the human and technical means of the people for the people by the people. Also, spread one A4 flyer in kiosks for announcing your cause and your weekly newsletter & rss.
  • Dear authentic politician, please try @G@ GovComCom - Make the bailouts or privatizations working for the people! The ordinary people can takeover central banks and banks and start demand before any privatization or nationalisation to first have the list of the ordinary people, which are claimed by the government to be benefited form such act , and then to demand that those ordinary people would become equal shareholders in the institutes planned to be bailed or sold out! . Also, see from this pdf "The ComComizing social-caretakers structure allow peers migration between the small groups in comcom-users, while their big group (comcom-one) is maintained, as the satisfaction of the peers is transparent and being evaluated by peers-coins and the non-taxable migration of objects between divisions (being the smaller groups) is evaluated by object-coins. "
  • connect for to learn teach, cooperate and/or realize this concept with your peers in your way, language and location.
  • Develop with us social and democratic applications from here, here and here.

Start now in equally owning your mailing List and welcome to the NonProft-Netowrk of the members in thisHere you can join, but we also call you to create your own "Common Companies Foundation" to have a new way of protesting and gathering for getting costumers be organized as equal owners by turning their boycotting commercial power to power of ownership over the sellers. "Common Companies Foundation" establishing the platform for comcomized units, all the way through, from people's info points media until the new comcomized type of stock markets.
We, the customers (being the 99%), can become co-owners in media and marketing network being in the medium between the owners/controllers of production (being the 1%) and their customers (us)! Yes, we can do that around small cooperatives are built on trust between human as the power of each of its members is inversely to the cooperative's size and human can calculate only limit number of people (some hundreds) as for being trusty. That's why cooperatives are good for their members only when the cooperatives are small. , local, close and homogenic cooperatives founded/managed by activists, we are creating open big and heterogenic companies ownd equally by the cotumers. more?..

Yes, again we can:) Provided by the for decentralized and flat solutions: Why flat? Because any system allowing infinit accumulation of power can only turn evil! Flat Solutions For Whom? For The 99% Being The Customers (versus the 1% being the owners and/or controllers of most of the productions producing product mostly pumped through the media, market and finance, which are the weakest points for being boycotted)! ! Sincerely the - Join us here!

Yes, I am angry enough to sign with my peers this contract protecting the peers from the big ones in the peer's auth entic organization, by prohibiting having multiple (peer) positions or changing the agreement, for making the revolution, which I must have, to work (this time) also for me, being an owner equal to my peers - a peaceful revolution, starting today and in the current frame of laws!


  • Starting in info points for creating boycotting groups to become co-owners in media and marketing networks, using a calendar to load anyone's events being printed in the info points spread in the city.
  • The principle 6 points for the agreement protecting equal shareholder (the peer owners) from being taken over.
    • This is in the current frame of laws and can be build around core of cooperatives . It is about companies owned equally partially or completely by thier customers. This is because capitalism put us all in the costumer side. Such agreement puts together the individual and the common interest, of each of us the costumers, on one ground!
  • The form to register your organization, yet without a payment but already after signing the contract
  • 99rebel: The #rebel: The Revolution For the Benefit of the Whole of the 99%! Now for normalizing some long lasting "things", while working for the 99% benefits and still as the activists are minority belonging to, but not being the whole of, the 99%! This is about the new step of solutions in making, a step which is beyond simple protests, It is for the new awakening of the spring 2012
  • buildup: European Revolutionary Forces Buildup, including 16-19/5 #BLOCKUPY FOR GLOBAL CHANGE! kind of woodstock-frankfurt-no-stock-market-action.

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